One Time charges(Non - Refundable) INR
Registration Fees 500
Installation Charges 500
U Plan One time Fees(Registration/Migration) 500

   Renewal Packs (Pay at a time for Six Months for Cashback+++) INR
Plan-299X++ 100 / 100 / 200 GB (Up/Dn/Total) -FUP-2Mbps 299
Plan-399X++ 200 / 200 / 200 GB (Up/Dn/Total) -FUP-2Mbps 399
Plan-399U## Unlimited 50Mbps 399
Plan-599X**++ 500 / 500 / 500 GB (Up/Dn/Total) -FUP-4Mbps 599
Plan-599U## Unlimited 100Mbps 599
Plan-999X** 900 / 900 / 900 GB (Up/Dn/Total) -FUP-8Mbps 999
Plan-1999X** 1900 / 1900 / 1900 GB (Up/Dn/Total) -FUP-8Mbps 1999
** Plans Updated w.e.f 16.06.2020
++ Plans Updated w.e.f 09.09.2020
+++ Cashback is Available for all plans w.e.f 07.01.2021
+++ No Refund / No Credits in case of change/cancellation where cashback is availed
## Plans do not support static ip address
## Services are for HOME use only and subject to Home Usage Policy

     Payment Gateway Charges and Door step collection charges may apply.
     Ethernet Cable charges at Rs.20/- per meter. Concealed cabling is customer scope
     Last Mile Availability is subject to technical feasibility
     Speeds of 2G/5G/Ethernet/Fiber Last Miles are 4/40/40/200 Mbps respectively.
     Network performance and Actual speeds may vary on link quality to your premise
     Plan299X,Plan399X/U,Plan599X/U is for Residential customers only
     All services are shared. Billing Cycle is 28 days. 1GB=1000MB(prior to 25.04.2020)
     Long Term 7 Month, 15 Month subscriptions are withdrawn w.e.f 10.09.2020
     Account will be automatically disabled if not renewed within 1 billing cycle
     Re-Activation Charges of INR500 (Taxes Extra) will be applicable for disabled account
     Balance Unused Traffic, Static IP Balance period will be reset to zero if account is disabled
     Subscription is on a rental basis with advance rental payments. Taxes Extra for all charges
     Please sms HELP to 7799989944 for logging support request
     Additional One time charge / Security Deposit may be applicable for CPE
     All equipment supplied by us shall remain our property at all times
     Customer is liable to pay monthly rental & any Penalty till CPE is returned in good condition
     Lock-in Period is 12 Months - Early Exit Penalty is higher of INR1000 or One month rental
     Customer Migrating to new plans will have to accept minimum subscription commitment
     Plan change restriction is applicable for all plans for 12 months from previous change
     Unused Traffic will expire along with plan billing cycle
     One Static IPv4 can be provided on annual rental basis for plans with rental above INR500